Wikipedia launches new transform tool

Wikipedia launches tool to transform its articles into  ebooks

The famous free online encyclopedia has launched a new tool (in the English version only). The tab “Book” can transform any text from Wikipedia ebook or even paper book.

If you are equipped with a reading light, you know that some software and browser extensions can retrieve items in ebook format. It is true that reading about a reading lamp is especially comfortable. Some newspapers also allow their version to directly download ebook format, and Amazon even has a tool dedicated to this function for the Kindle. To learn more about these solutions, I refer you here.

Wikipedia joins in this trend by integrating an online tool that can convert one or more articles of the encyclopedia in digital or paper book. The partner who provides the technical solution, PediaPress, allows downloading articles of your choice in PDF, EPUB, OpenDocument or openZIM.

It is also possible to convert the selected document in paper book, this time paying. In both cases, for starters, just go to the link “Create a book” in the “Print / Export” in the left column.

Create an ebook in a few clicks

With the tool offered by Wikipedia, it is possible to create an ebook from a single article, but also compile multiple items, organize them in a specific order, and even benefit from suggestion of pages related to the subject. It is a unique tool which should create real compilation of articles on a given topic or subject.

A perfect result

I will pass the details of my tests, but you can keep two things: first, that the use is disarmingly simple, and then the result is impeccable. Whether it’s a PDF or epub format that I’ve tested, there is nothing wrong with the layout: computer screen, tablet or reading light . the result is impeccable, in any case with the article that I used for testing, on the topic of ebooks course.

Wikipedia users will appreciate the opportunity now offered them free encyclopedia consult on highly suitable for this purpose, but also to organize themselves ebooks from a set of items.

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