Why google glass update is hotter than previous

An update for Google Glass is next out. It will automatically sync photos and videos via the mobile network and facilitate the removal of such content. It will transform the glasses headset when the user receives a call.

Google has just announced the upcoming release of a new update of its firmware Google Glass brings three new features. The most important part is photos and videos backup. Previously, it was not possible to transfer photos and recorded videos from glasses connected other than Wi-Fi or when it was connected to a computer. With the update, they are now able to directly and automatically save this online content via 3G.

Another novelty, once sync items, they can be automatically deleted from the memory glasses to release storage space. Previously, you had to manually delete each content. Finally, Google Glass is optimized to take phone calls. If the user makes a call or take one with his smartphone while wearing glasses, their audio system will then be triggered. Google Glass are transformed automatically in handsfree. And if they are not worn, they will no longer calls for the benefit of the mobile.

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