Use ipad as scanner : iConvert

Brookstone has just declared a fabulous new gadget, now you can use your iPad as a scanner. Known as the iConvert, it comprise of a feeder plate with a connect for your iPad . All you have to do is connect your iPad into the device, run the iConvert app and you are ready to go. Just feed the device   with document that you interested to scan, hit the scan button and wait, as iConvert will do everything. Scanned document are sent to your gallery as images, then modify or share on the ipad itself.

It is still not figure out the longevity of battery, however we can hope it would be enough for a emergency scan on demand basis. The iConvert will be available in this February with a price around $150. You can see video demo to see how it functions? So what’s in your mind?  Would you interested to use it?

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