Update of Skype offers sync message system to any devices

Since Microsoft began forced users of Windows Live Messenger to migrate to Skype earlier this year, the transition to this new messaging system was somewhat complicated.

Although Skype is clearly become essential as messaging platform, it does not mean that the super popular chat and video telephony owned by Microsoft service, not defects. If you’re a regular Skype user, then you might be very familiar with the problems.

Whether to receive messages that are simply too old or completely uncorrelated to reality in the sense that they occur far too long after the conversion, which can lead to a misunderstanding on the part of the interlocutors, or double calls on two connected devices, the problems are all very punitive. But in order to keep its reputation, it is clear that the side of Redmond is in turns to find solutions to these problems.

In an interview conducted by reputed magazine to Jeff Kunins, product manager of Skype, it was revealed that Microsoft is working on updates to Skype that will synchronize messages on all devices. This means that once the update released, when you receive a message in Skype, it will automatically be stamped, regardless of the device on which you use the service. The message will also appear on all your other devices that are connected to Skype at the same time.

Microsoft is also developing an update of Skype, which is intended to improve the way in which it reacts when answering a call. If you have two devices running the same Skype account and you answer an incoming call on a device, Skype will continue to ring on the other device as if you had not yet won. Correcting this problem in the update, it could simply mute all your other devices at once, you answer or not to answer the call on another device. Kunins described Microsoft’s efforts to counteract this flaw as a bug where the firm has the pleasure of working.

Although there is no exact release date for these updates, Kunins synchronization ensures that messages will start to be deployed “very soon”. However on the bug on incoming call, no date has been noted by Kunins.

Microsoft also improves load times on its Skype application on Windows Phone alongside what has been described above, but significant improvements are coming next year. “We made vast progress on our application Windows Phone in general, and as you can imagine, we also do lots of fun things for Windows Phone 8.1. I think there will be fun things to discover, ‚Äúsaid by Kunins.

Although improvements are underway, Kunins talked about the recent deployment of Skype. Microsoft has chosen to target users on Mac, iPhone, Android and leaving users of Windows and Windows Phone.

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