Ultra-tough Gorilla Glass 2 introducing next week at CES

Corning, the maker of ultra-tough glass for Electronics Company, will bring in the new version of Gorillaglass at the Customer Gadgets Show next week. services such as Siri, and the  excellent development of cellular video tech, more innovative devices are placing huge pressure on bandwidth and mobile operators to do at fast speeds.

The first version of Gorilla glass is already presented and used on well-known gadgets like the Amazon Kindle, iPhone, iPad and android based cellular gadgets from HTC and Motorola, so a new version of this scratch-resistant and strenuous glass could be a big win for smartphones, tablets, LEDTVs etc.

The organization has not yet declared how much more powerful Gorilla Glass 2 is than its forerunner, but Corning will expose more information next weeks on the CES ground. The organization has said it will take its products a phase further with new implementations, such as huge HDTVs. At CES, Corning will show off Gorilla Glass on an 82-inch innovative multi touch LCD screen, vehicle interiors, household devices and large video walls.

“Cellular phone and tablet producer companies are apparently moving toward higher functionality from slimmer styles,” said Corning senior VP Wayne Steiner in a report.”Corning’s newest advancement in Gorilla Glass engineering is very well designed to meet these gainsays and allow larger touch engineering incursion.”

Corning has well and reputed histories in these particular types of product since 1851.They are speciallyfocused on glass and ceramics. It produces Gorilla glass in the U.S. and Japan.

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