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Apple against samsung 0

Apple attacks Samsung in court again

After fifteen days of calm, the Apple brand enters a new lawsuit against Samsung. Its goal: to prevent new products from the South Korean company on American soil. We told you about it a few days ago: Apple is perhaps peace with Google, but that does not stop the Apple brand to continue the war against the Android running devices manufacturers. So, Samsung...

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Apple is perhaps peace with Google over patents

The two tech giants finally have signed a patent agreement. This marks the end of a long legal battle of patent infringement that has delivered by Google and apple. It does interesting turn in latest discussion about patent infringement. However, cross-licensing agreement and end lawsuits against Samsung are not on the agenda. Apple Company has understood that it will fail to curb Android...

Apple’s request refused by court in Hague against Samsung Tablet 1

Apple’s request refused by court in Hague against Samsung Tablet

Apple’s petition to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the Netherlands has been refused by Court in The Hague. Dutch judge suspended Samsung’s local subsidiaries from promoting the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II, but The Hague court has made decision on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is unique enough to be get place for sold beside Apple’s product. Samsung and Apple...