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Captain Train starts Passbook 0

Captain Train starts Passbook

The site Captain Train sells train tickets much easier and faster than the official website of the SNCF. The site has decided to further simplify the lives of its users with the integration of Passbook. If you use an iPhone, you can add information about your tickets from the email sent by the site. A virtual ticket will be added to the application...

Pass Wallet: Passbook Windows Phone 8 0

Pass Wallet: Passbook Windows Phone 8

You plan to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 or have a Lumia Windows Phone Signature or more of your iPhone? Pass Wallet is a free application that allows a Smartphone WP8 open files .pkpass Pass Wallet in Microsoft. There is not (yet) Simple way to duplicate a complete Passbook an iPhone to a phone in another OS, but Phone Wallet can perfectly open...

IOS 6: Passbook made his hole in the pockets 0

IOS 6: Passbook made his hole in the pockets

Sephora and American Airlines are among the satisfied Passbook users, the manager of loyalty cards, tickets and other discount coupons appeared with iOS 6. The airline had recorded 10 million downloads of its app ten days after the announcement of Passbook. In a Wired articleit says observing daily use of approximately 20,000 electronic tickets and 1.5 million regular users of the system. A...