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Lamborghini unveils the Aventador Roadster 0

Lamborghini unveils the Aventador Roadster

The Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 new version is available. Always mean the supercar opts for a retractable carbon roof.Lamborghini roadster, follows closely coupe and the Aventador is no exception to this rule. Released in 2011, the supercar version right now available. If the presentation is not a real surprise, however it can be surprising that the changes are actually quite limited. The concept herald...

Lamborghini Aventador by Prindiville 0

Lamborghini Aventador by Prindiville

The task will be complicated, it is a certainty. The tuner who wants to address the Lamborghini Aventador will struggle to magnify this very special craft lines already extremely aggressive. The London Designs of Prindiville have experimented, I let you appreciate. Lamborghini Aventador home is already the ultimate expression aggressiveness car. This would not prevent preparers to make it more exclusive to satiate...