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how to install appcake 0

How to install AppCake on iphone

Appcake for iphone undoubtedly can say as the successor of famous application installous. AppCake as Installous will enable you to download any apps from the App Store without spending a dime. Please note, you must have purchased the applications you install using this method, of course, an application fee. It is your responsibility. techitrendz.com and his team cannot be held responsible for your...

How to take apart iPod Touch 5G 0

How to take apart iPod Touch 5G

How to take apart iPod Touch 5G It is barely a five month since the new iPod Touch 5G is in the hands of customers first, that it is already fully disassembled. Take apart iPod Touch 5G is not as easy as the iPhone 5. Taking apart iPod 5G Touch To dismantle iPod Touch 5G you will need patience and bring a good...