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Citrix refreshes its application ShareFile iPad 0

Citrix refreshes its application ShareFile iPad

Citrix gives a boost to its application ShareFile iPad, for data exchange, including new features for businesses.With its tool ShareFile iPad , Citrix wanted to integrate it into the businesses so they can share files across multiple environments. “Say goodbye to FTP!”, Plays the editor, which offers application sends large files securely, storage and synchronization. But the sauce did not really take. That’s...

Apple’s iOS Notification Center 0

Apple’s iOS Notification Center

Notification is a concept where all recent event or alarms get place together. Upcoming iOS 5 is going to introduced a “Notification Center” used as a shortcut of new email, texts, friend requests, reminders and so on as combine. It will help to dump all in one convenient location. It appears top of the device’s screen that not to navigate any more, it’s...