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Facts for using Cloud based server

The concept of cloud storage is used to allow you to digitally record data online instead of on your computer or on an external device such as a USB drive or CD. But here are some more specific words on how data storage in the cloud works and what it offers. Generally, when you save a digital file – be it a photo,...

OwnCloud 4.5: version focused on administration 0

OwnCloud 4.5: version focused on administration

Sort of “Dropbox” optimized for companies OwnCloud comes with a version (beta) 4.5, which focuses on the administration, while opening up to third-party services such as Google, Dropbox, etc. At the beginning of the summer, OwnCloud proudly launched version 4.0 already very complete, which targets companies with a version “on premise” to install on your own server, the NAS, with his host, etc.....