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3d printed stone

Era of 3D printed real stone and wood

CES 2015 currently dominating Las Vegas, the MakerBot 3D printer manufacturer has unveiled a new generation of composite filaments. They will soon print objects reproducing the properties of metal, wood or limestone.  The 3D printer, according to 45% of you just make cheap objects/ expensive model / in some case military product as on product of 2014. MakerBot do you know this company?...

3dPrinter to economy and war

How 3D printers inspire the war and the economy

The 3D printing has limitless uses, particularly in the defense industry, which could herald a new industrial revolution, according to experts. For many, 3D printing is still a gadget, just good to reproduce commonplace plastic figures. But with the recent expiration of several key patents, new printers capable of using metal, wood or fabric will become much more accessible, suggesting a historical shift...

Amazon launches a dedicated 3D printing shop 0

Amazon launches a dedicated 3D printing shop

Buy a 3D printer parts for repair or plastic wire for printing is now available on Amazon.com. The website for online sales has just launched a whole section dedicated to this technology, which affects more the general public. Even if Amazon gets going, is this a sign of a revolution? The website selling online recently opened (in the U.S. version) is entirely dedicated...