Sway Motorsports, an air of freedom

Ideas to invent a new small urban vehicle abound. Two, three or four wheels, all options are tested by the manufacturers of motorcycle and scooters but also by automakers. The latest example, the FV2 concept Toyota presented at the last Tokyo Motor Show. This conceptual tricycle driver standing and handles like a horse . Toyota conjures a very conceptual guide ;so emotional.

Two wheels, half car

More pragmatically, the American company Sway Motorsports is working on a concept quite similar but much more rudimentary. The Sway is a three-wheeled scooter electric recliner corner. It is not a simple three-wheeled scooter (Piaggio MP3-type) in electric, its design is quite different. The chassis is of a two-wheel with a suspension arm, to the rear while the front end functioning as a car.

Result, the Sway is much more stable because it does not require balance. Its handling seems fun because the driver turns it in turns by exerting pressure on his feet, as on skis.

Wider than Piaggio MP3

It measures 1m52 long and can therefore be arranged perpendicular to the parking but its width – 90 cm is significantly larger than that of a Piaggio MP3 while remaining significantly lower than that of a Renault Twizy (1m19).

Its engine mounted in the rear wheel delivers 11 horses which rank in the administrative category of 125 cm3. Two battery options are available:

Basic: lead-acid battery, engine 11 hp, top speed of 55 km / h and 32 km maximum autonomy.

Lithium: Lithium Ion Phosphate, engine 11 hp, top speed of 96 km / h and 64 km range; Both versions respectively charged 5000 dollars and 8000, will be marketed shortly in the united states

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