Storing the data in the clouds

According to a study just released, consumers will store more than one third of their digital content in the cloud. Historically, consumers have generally stored content on their PC, but as we enter the post-PC era, consumers use multiple connected devices, most of which are equipped with cameras. This leads to a massive increase in new needs, which requires storage. “With the emergence of the personal cloud, this leads to the massive creation of new content and increased storage needs,” according to research.

The study goes on to say that “the majority of consumers needs cloud storage in the short term that will be supported by social media sites such as Facebook, which offer free storage space for downloading photos and videos for social sharing “.

The report suggests that consumers should first try the basic free package where they can do online backup. With the personal cloud, user can get the foundational experience for using the cloud storage that provides cloud storage facility and online synchronization services of user data which resides in multiple connected devices.  This service was created after the statistics on the terrible loss of user data in the web in recent time, this is why we must decide to put our data in secure cloud system that maintain primary security measure to protect user data.

There are various company and service provider that initially offers free cloud storage service with free account. It is cloud storage provider offering users a free account with paid upgrade options. Now various company offers unlimited online cloud storage space, automated backups so users can access files anywhere, anytime. No need for hard drives just let it backup your files securely online. Thanks to cloud storage, users will be able to recover any lost data i.e. messages, contacts, documents, pictures and videos etc. It allows you to make secure transfers, retrieve data automatically each time it is connected etc.

The report ends with an “ideal vision” where consumers are caught between digital tools requiring storage capacity, which cannot be obtained with their own suitable storage resources for lack of computers however can be obtained in Cloud( free and paid).

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