South Carolina has exposure of 3.6 million Social Security numbers

United States, the State of South Carolina has recognized that some services had been victims of a cyber attack. Hackers were able to see 3.6 million Social Security numbers (real sesame United States) as well as credit card numbers, most of which were encrypted.

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South Carolina indicates that no less than 3.6 million identification numbers have been struck and possibly used by pirates. In a press release listed by ComputerWorld , the State of South-eastern states have been the victim of a cyber attack resulting in the exposure of personal data to hackers.

The State adds that “the ministry also announced those 387,000 bank cards were exposed to a cyber attack. The vast majority are guarded by strong encryption, according to industry standards. However, about 16,000 numbers are exposed. ”

In order to properly protect U.S. taxpayers, South Carolina indicates that people whose Social Security numbers may eventually be used will protect against the theft of their identity. They also benefit from measures to monitor their bank accounts to avoid fraudulent use of their money.

Administrative authorities also encourage victims to take additional measures to protect their identity by regularly reviewing their reports account or asking to get a new credit card. Similarly, “consumers should also change any passwords credit card account online immediately if unauthorized charges are detected,” says the department.

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