Skype5.8: Group Call Screen sharing with Facebook

Skype has just put online a new version, stamped 5.8. This provides a better Facebook integration, but also functionality expected by some: screen sharing with a group. Indeed, until now, it was possible to share your screen with only one person. This is now the case with several, but this will require a subscription that Premium offered at 6.89 € per month, or € 41.32 including VAT per year.    You can also directly call your Facebook friends on video, even if they do not use Skype. An extension of integration with two services began with the arrival of a Skype plug-in for Facebook. It will be also necessary for the person receiving the call. This feature is open to all this time. Remains to be seen if this will allow all to stand out, especially against Google and Google + which already offers similar functionality for free, with its famous Hangouts.

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