Skype adapts to Windows 8

The famous VoIP software Skype, owned by Microsoft, is now available in its Windows 8 with changes essentially practical and aesthetic. Three days before the launch of Windows 8, Skype starts on time the next operating system from Microsoft with a new version on the interface.

Available on the Windows Store on October 26, Skype in fact reproduces the design of expensive tiles in Windows 8 . Each tile will display information such as messages or missed calls. The goal: to ensure that the user has any information without opening the software. In fact, Skype works in the background and calls and Skype chat messages reach the user even when the application is closed, or when using other software. All in a “cross” as one subscriber can receive alerts on their Smartphone or tablet.

Then, launch the software, the latest posts and recent calls appear alongside his contacts Favorites. Skype has also simplified the call to landlines or mobiles, thanks to a new and modern revamped keyboard. On the same page, it is possible to control the Skype Credit and subscriptions current and complete list of recent calls.

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