Shoe give navigate to blind people

Without walking stick it is inconceivable for a visually impaired people to realize where they are moving, however thanks to the Parousia of today’s technological innovation as well as the effort of Anirudh Sharma, a student of  Technical  university situated in Rajasthan, he handled to sett together this couple of Le Chal shoes. The Le Chal plans to renovate interactional physical experiences by combining technology, art and design into a pair of walking shoe.

Le Chal works in this simple way– it will acquire a person’s GPS location from an Android-powered mobile phone which will  then be sent over to the shoe’s implanted vibrator, providing a soothing, vibration sign at the forepart, left and right part of  the shoe, allowing the individual perceive just where he or she should move. This implies whatever Google map reveals, the shoes will adhere to, so we can hope Google team will work out properly for their Google map.

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  1. Myself says:

    Most helpful object of the world for blinds…

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