Security of Cloud Computing

Nowadays, it is considered that two of the fastest growing trends in IT are Open Source and Cloud Computing. There is great synergy between the two, and not just because open source software allows rapid development of powerful, but also because they allow the resolution  of obstacles in the Cloud: control software, data and avoid lock-in. This synergy is expressed from a variety of infrastructure solutions (IaaS)  as eucalyptus and OpenStack, but also in application (SaaS, PaaS). The Open Source will remain pervasive throughout the ecosystem of cloud computing, and becoming even more dominant with the emergence of cloud computing standards to ensure interoperability between all types of cloud. Cloud computing is one of the biggest changes in IT innovations promising us that we can not yet imagine. By against attacks on information systems and data is a reality in the computer world, and although the cloud computing has emerged as an innovative model, security is still valid since the data of the user or Customer must be published in the cloud and outgoing of the sphere of protection of the owner. However, to safely use and enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, provide sufficient security information such as confidentiality, authentication, nonrepudiation and integrity are one of the most critical considerations.

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