Sculpteo offer a new app, now design and print 3D obejects from iPhone

Sculpteo extends a 3D printing service today proclaimed a new iPhone app that you can use to style 3D items, publish your styles to the cloud, and get a clay item in the mail after few days.

The styles are grounded on images you take of yourself or a buddy. culpteo’s app changes your face’s picture into a 3D item, such as the jar demonstrated here. You can also change it into other types of items, like dish, sculpture or mug. Once you have accomplished the style, you publish it and Sculpteo delivers it to a regional 3D printing shop which makes the item using a clay printing procedure.

Price rating will depend on the dimension and complication of the object: Big items such as the jar (pictured right) price about $300, while a little cup costs just $70. The app is freely available.

Sculpteo is also collaborator with various designers such as Jen-Louis Frechin to discover other techniques of changing “human data,” such as facial structure, into designs that you can customize. So that, the developer is designing a set of factors instead of a completed style, and the client is implementing final touch to instantiate the style in a particular item.

In addition, computer companies such as Dell have decided for providing clients the choice to customize their own laptop computer designs; and MilkorSugar provides a catalogue of mass-customized products, from personalized lingerie to rowboats.

This app also demonstrates just how far 3D printing advanced. Here is an awesome 3D caving created by artist  Joshua Harker and printed out in plastic material  using Sculpteo.



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