Samsung intend to partner with Olympus?

Probably there can be “something wrong” with Olympus. This Japanese camera compney has unquestionably spend better times. On the contarary, it is trying to considering a authentic tie-up  with five large organizations such as Panasonic, Sony and Samsung.

The Korean organization pronounced it does not want ‘Olympus’ digital cam business, but it may look at some kind of  partnership with that company, news from Reuters.“We are interested to the opportunity of a partnership with Olympus”  the source with understanding of the condition said on situation of privacy.As of thought, Samsung speaker dropped this comment, making us some room to do some discussion and observe.So we have to wait to see what could samsung do or take with olympus?
How about digicam technology and boast its mobile phone devices to sport better cameras than those sold by other mobile creators. Nokia is gambling intensely on this strategy, concentrating on Carl Zeiss contact lenses  in its selected digicam mobile phone devices. Can samsung do something like that? Just think– samsung galaxy S II with Olympus digital camera.  Seems cool, does not it? What do you reckon?

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