Samsung Galaxy S5 equipped with iris scanner

Just like the iPhone 5S and its fingerprint recognition system, the future Samsung Galaxy S5 could incorporate a biometric iris identification technology. Instead of a fingerprint sensor, Galaxy S5 phone could identify its owner through an iris scanner.

The rumors about the future Samsung Galaxy S5 have increased in recent weeks, so it should not come out in May. The latest integration of iris recognition technology allows the owner of the phone to unlock it. Samsung would be better than the Touch ID that is present on the iPhone 5S and can unlock via a system of fingerprint recognition.

Exclusive iris scanner

The Galaxy S5 is equipped with an iris scanner; however, is only a guess. The only solid lead on the subject comes from the site PatentBolt has found a patent filed by Samsung in the United States, there is a month. Samsung Galaxy S5 equipped with iris scanner

It describes a system of iris recognition works with a sensor capable of determining the distance between the terminal eye. When the sensor gets the desired distance, the camera sensor takes an image of the eye in order to identify the person.

For the moment, according to the latest leaks on its specifications, the Galaxy S5 should have a 16 megapixel camera sensor , a 64-bit processor and a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

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