Samsung galaxy s5 : camera failure report

Samsung has officially acknowledged that some users of the Galaxy S5 faced a permanent failure of their Smartphone camera sensor. A program exchange has been set up.

So far, the commercial launch of the Galaxy S5 was going like clockwork, Samsung evoke – without giving details though – sales figures 30% higher than the Galaxy S4 at the time. But the picture is marred by concerns regarding its camera.

Remanufactured warranty

First survey on user forums in the United States and officially confirmed by Samsung to our colleagues at The Verge , this problem is manifested by the appearance on screen of an error message indicating a failure of camera (“Camera Failure”). No obvious cause appears but once the fault is there, it’s too late, there is nothing more to do. The camera is turned off and only a physical intervention can solve the problem.

At the moment, those affected (the exact number is unknown) may appeal to Samsung after-sales service, their operators or their dealer for a standard exchange under warranty. The Korean manufacturer is probably doing its floor engineers to determine the cause of the problem. It could be hardware or software. Recall that the Galaxy S5 is equipped with an impressive photo sensor 16 million pixels.

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