Samsung devices is in prohibition: chance of Apple

After his legal victory occurred last Friday, Apple wants to push its advantage and to prohibit the sale of eight models Samsung released in the U.S. Some would be satisfied with a victory that Samsung recognizes guilty of patent infringement and ordered the Korean company to $ 1 billion in fines.

But Apple does not want to stop there and now wants to ban the sale of several models implicated in the previous trial. A total of 28 models of smartphones are concerned, but most are no longer sold today. The Californian Company therefore focuses its attack on eight models, mainly Galaxy S and S2 (related to different operators AT & T, T-Mobile …) and the Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail. Apple’s goal is therefore to prohibit the sale of these models in the U.S., a decision which, if taken, would be a blow far more severe than the already substantial fine that Samsung was convicted.

Experts are divided

Apple says that the eight models involved in violent varying degrees various patents Apple as recognized by the jury ruled Friday. In his speech, Apple will have to convince the court that its interests are inevitably affected if these patterns continue to be sold. Currently, specialists in trademark law are less opposed to the chances that such a request was successful or not, despite the clear victory of Apple in the previous trial. Note also that according to Bloomberg, Apple could further expand its complaint to include the 3G version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 while it was not included in a previous application to the court. The decision should be made on or about September 20.

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