Renault unveils the Alpine A110-50

Renault celebrates 50 years of his Alpine cut in fine style, in this concept car presentation Alpine 110-50. Similar to the previous concept DeZir, the Alpine is a step toward the rebirth of the cut, even if its marketing is not yet decided.The color changes, props have been added that such an impressive spoiler, but is well recognized features of the previous concept DeZir.

The concept Alpine A110-50 pays tribute to the famous berlinetta and ignores the electrical part of the DeZir. A mechanical power which was indeed virtual because this show car was provided by a small electric motor is undersized compared to performance claims.

Here, Renault is the heavy. Prepared the V6, as it should be in competition. The block is taken from the 3.5 series models; it receives small developments such as semi-wet sump and many new specific parts (pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, and camshafts) and a carbon intake. In the end,it delivers 400 horsepower and 422 Nm of torque chassis side, it is still that of M├ęgane Trophy. The tubular structure has been stiffened and lowered arch of the passenger. Weight distribution would be 47.8% on the front with a rear engine in central position and the total weight limited to 880 kg. The power to weight ratio is insane! Transmission side, she opted for a sequential gearbox six-speed semiautomatic.

It is well there in the world of competition more than in the GT. Equipment attest, ABS and trajectory correction are banned. This concept seems to Alpine guard to rush to announce a production version. Producing a commercial version is not yet decided, renault be looking for a partner to get started. If it were to emerge, it would probably not be as radical as this, Renault seeking to ensure a minimum return.

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