Pluribus Network, a new player on the SDN

After the servers and storage, there remains much to virtualize except the transport layer network. Major industries such as Cisco or Juniper are obviously on the subject as the main actors of the VMware and Microsoft virtualization. And new entrants point their nose as Pluribus Networks.

American company like so many others in this field, Pluribus Networks is not quite an unknown and is now growing in Europe with a sales team in London and partners on our territory to spread its technology. Currently, the solution is distributed by Exclusive Networks.

Simplify the architecture

The differentiator offers Pluribus is its architecture that simplifies deployment aims and operation of infrastructure SDN design. Today the virtual overlay on top of hardware devices, switches and routers bring in because of the complexity and management silos of different elements of the infrastructure. The virtual layer is delegated by a virtual LAN link with applications that are often without visibility of the underlying layers and thus the resources necessary for their operation.Pluribus Network

Pluribus directly integrates this layer at the physical hardware and not creating an overlay but, by analogy, a kind of convergence between computing hardware and network equipment and providing a direct link and visibility to application services. The solution is in addition to simplify the overall administration by eliminating the administrative unit of the underlying servers.

Concentrated Open Source

The solution runs on Open Solaris and ZFS and NETvisor present in Linux distributions. The solution is compatible Open Stack deployments as private Cloud and relies on OracleCloud deployments for the public part and the controller Floodlight open flow. From the middle of next month, the solution should also support the Red Hat Cloud stack. Further elements should be available at the Red Hat Summit held soon. The integration is carried out on the bus Tibco has an OEM agreement with Pluribus Network. A development kit allows you to customize and schedule virtual machines infrastructure depending on the chosen application services.

If it is not still valid, Pluribus will soon extend to other areas of virtualization, particularly storage, to become a global player in data center virtualization.

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