Phablet: the reading tool of the future?

Larger than a smartphone, smaller than a tablet, the phablet (contraction Phone and Tablet) provides access to all the functions of a smartphone on a bigger screen. Ideal for digital reading.

Digital reading continues to attract more and more people, whether it would be for course reading ebooks, but also read articles, magazines, press, emailsĀ  anything that is a reading activity on screen. But when it comes to reading on screen, choose the screen size becomes a headache quickly.

Two problems frequently encountered with reading on screen or the screen is too big to be carried around, or it is too small for comfortable reading. This is why there are now reading lights 5 inches, which disappeared after returned to the front of the stage.Phablet: reading tool for future

Mini Kobo is sold very well at Fnac in recent days, PocketBook launches liseuse 5 inches and other e-readers such as Pyrus mini now include 4.3-inch screens. And I’m not even talking about smartphones equipped with e-ink screens of the same size coming on the market.

For those who do not just want to read ebooks, read on screen mostly through smartphones and tablets. And in this area, the same problem of compromise between size and comfort of reading results in the same answer: a screen of about 5 inches, found on newer models of smartphones called phablets.

Very popular with professionals, phablets are as interesting as “reading light”. I must say that the dimensions are more suitable for digital reading: reading ebooks, newspapers, magazines, and comics. The reading applications are numerous and extremely successful among users, making a regular part of most applications downloaded from application stores.

Still to read magazines or comics for example, 5 inch screen shows its limits.

The new star for these uses and when mobility is not the main criterion is rather the 8-inch screen, more portable than the 10-inch model, barely larger than the 7-inch models with new thinner edges and that fit in one hand, a significant comfort when it comes to reading. Izneo was quick to understand the importance of this format for comics and launched some time ago an application for reading comics specially designed for tablets 7 or 8 inches .

But when it comes to storing the screen in the pocket, the phablet is clearly the new benchmark. Phablets sales have also increased by 51% between May 2012 and May 2013. What finally whether the phablet is not the entrant whose reading lights would be well spent. This strongly resembles the ideal compromise, until the smartphones with folding screen just offer larger screens in a small space.

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