PayPal buys

The application allows developers to capture credit card information using the camera on their smartphone. “We first met the team when we worked on integrating their technology into the mobile application PayPal Here. While working with them, we were simply amazed by the creativity and dynamism of their employees.

They are a passionate team and independent who likes solving large complex problems, and we wanted them to join our team. Great people make great products and excellent products are big business. employees will join the product team in San Jose PayPal to help us create new experiences. Current technology remain available to developers for use in their own applications, “said Hill Ferguson, VP of Products Paypal.

Remember that technology can scan quickly and easily credit cards from their smartphone. Most major credit cards are accepted. Scan the card makes it possible to get information directly into the database service safely. Companies like UBER (car hire large discount), LevelUp, or Lemon TaskRabiit already use this technology in the services offered to users.

You can get more information about services that have adopted this technology to this address . Card.Io was founded by Mike Mettler and Josh Snyder Bleecher. The application runs on IOS platform and Android. The cost is $ 0.15 per scan done.

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