OwnCloud 4.5: version focused on administration

Sort of “Dropbox” optimized for companies OwnCloud comes with a version (beta) 4.5, which focuses on the administration, while opening up to third-party services such as Google, Dropbox, etc.

At the beginning of the summer, OwnCloud proudly launched version 4.0 already very complete, which targets companies with a version “on premise” to install on your own server, the NAS, with his host, etc.. This solution has already attracted more than 600,000 customers.

With its success,  OwnCloud introduced version 4.5 of its solution, “Community Edition” available only in beta at the moment. For this version through the publisher focused on the administration with a function that will probably be very popular: the ability to create sub-admins group to outsource the management of such an account . “This reduces server load and improves the synchronization algorithm, so users can determine the role of each in the same time sharing,” says the editor.

Also in terms of management, do not forget OwnCloud mobile employees of companies that can now authenticate with remote webdav, IMAP, FTP and Samba. Version 4.5 supports support shared calendars that allow users to view shared calendars between multiple terminals.

Use with its own storage service or an external solution, let ownCloud users implement their own synchronization and file their own sharing services. Moreover, this version is also open to third-party storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive for example. Further improvements are still available:

  • Support for files with the same name in the web interface: Downloading a file with the same name as a file that already exists in the Web interface now generates a new version of the file and displays the file downloaded as the the most recent version.
  • Drag and drop contacts between address books: When multiple address books are used, the contacts can be moved or copied easily.
  • Redesign and LDAP modules Contacts: Both modules have gained performance.
  • New option to password protects shared links.
  • Faster synchronization of files and folders: Every file and folder has a unique ID. The synchronization mechanism now compares the identifiers, which reduces the number of servers ownCloud instance and allows asynchronous exchanges.

The beta version is already available for download.

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