Online browser game you enjoy to play

Online browser games have booming in recent years. It must be said that these games are easily accessible and require little involvement on the part of the player. It is played in our free time and just need to come back time to time in order to continue this game. This is precisely the case with Miramagia who gets this hackneyed principle, but still works well.

It is a farm game with enchanting magic that will allow you to become a sorcerer, druid, magician or shaman and create your own farm. Magic games or farm games, are often available on the net, but magical fairy game like Miramagia combine both kinds which are quite rare. In addition, this game is very good and has even already won two major awards: Best browser game of 2011 and MMO of 2012.techtrnMirmag (2)

It only needs a short free registration, which does not require much information from you, you’ll have to choose the act of your character. At the beginning you also have to choose your avatar. Upon arrival on game you can choose to become a sorcerer, magician, shaman or druid. This game is for all types of profiles or ages. Taking care of your farm will be part of your daily tasks. As the name suggests, the Magic game Miramagia is a magical world and includes all the colorful things. The characters and backgrounds are colorful and full details of all kinds and which refer directly to magic. It’s an exciting world awaiting you in this browser game.

Miramagia has a very colorful relaxed atmosphere

It is the very moment that you come to your village, along with other players and you’ll pass through a tutorial that will explain the basics of the game. Nothing complicated, just need to follow your apprentice notions as magician to cultivate the land exquisitely. Planting, sowing and care for his plants is one of the main ski that you will have in here. The interest is to grow your core resources, in order to sell them in town to buy seeds or other objects that will serve you later. To create magic spells, you will also need to collect many mushrooms. You’ll even have the opportunity to interact with other players and trade with them. Note that the game features parental controls, allowing our children to play the game without the need to worry.


The magic is so important in the game and depending on your experience level, you will unlock new features. In addition to access new areas, you will be able to cast spells on objects in the environment or other players. You will also be able to use it during your dragon breeding. This mystical creature has very importance in game because it will allow you to compete against other players during races in order to win prizes or treasures to help you on your journey.

Regarding the gameplay, Miramagia has many aspects of  classic game but with innovative concept. It is an enchanting game and that will surely delight the young players. Even adults will enjoy this enchanting game. The game is revealed gradually as the parties and although it is possible to advance more quickly there by purchasing virtual currency with your real money. This is a completely optional feature and is not too much emphasized.