One million Xbox one sell in 24 hours

Microsoft began marketing its Xbox One in some countries, as well as some numbers. More than million Xbox One were sold in 24 hours! It is very good and much better than the launch of the Xbox 360, marking a new record for Microsoft.

But make sure to put the numbers in perspective’s PlayStation 4 Sony has also sold over one million units in the first 24 hours of its launch, there are now about a week. So far, the two giants of the console are elbow to elbow. However, there was just one little detail that Microsoft fails to mention in its press release: Xbox is just launched a total of 13 countries, which is more than the PlayStation 4.

Indeed, it has been launched only in the United States and Canada, and will come out in installments in various countries thereafter. In comparison, Xbox One has just been launched in most of the countries. One illion xbox one sell

This is a launch larger scale than the PS4. But rest assured, it will happen very quickly on other continents, especially since we expect the console in France on November 29, and more generally on the European territory.

 Unfortunately, we cannot draw too many conclusions from the figures since Microsoft also slipped this little message: “Xbox One is now sold in most stores. We are working to replenish these stocks as soon as possible to meet the unprecedented demand for our customers. “

So with out of stock in most “shops”, the absence of additional sales could simply be the result of the unavailability of the console. People who wanted a Xbox One may need to cope with the shortage. Also note that the Xbox One sold nearly 100 euros more expensive than the PS4 because of the inclusion of the Kinect motion sensor.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has sold this year a little more than 3.9 million Wii U so far.

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