OBS launches its cloud storage solution: Flexible Storage

Sync, share and store: this is the aim of offering cloud storage offered by Orange Business Services (OBS), which also announced a partnership with Accenture for its customer’s pros. More complete than a simple solution, it mainly provides an intuitive administrator interface for cloud storage solution.

How the “digital” is changing businesses and operations? It is through this that Thierry Bonhomme, executive director of OBS, began the conference this afternoon in Paris. The answer is 4 words: mobile, information, social and cloud. All these terms can be found under the banner of online storage, but also the synchronization of data between multiple devices and sharing.

To meet these expectations, OBS has presented its new offering called Flexible Storage. It is “the combination of IaaS offerings and development of current mobile usage,” noted Philippe Laplane meanwhile, CEO of the new subsidiary called OBS Orange Cloud for Business. The solution is also a well-known Orange infrastructure: the CloudWatt and its data center Norman.flexible storage by OBS

SLA of 99.9%

Flexible Storage responds primarily to a problem in business: how to centralize and manage data on all devices, and so avoid fragmentation which can be inconvenient and even dangerous depending on the nature of the data? The solution is in the form of a Web interface to install on workstations (PC, Mac, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android). OBS worked mainly intuitiveness of the interface and it is true that there is nothing complicated at first.

However, one may wonder about the benefits of such a solution in the face of challengers like Box.com or Google Drive or other. For OBS, it is primarily to provide an orchestrated by a trusted third party, which offers secure access (Web VPN), with figures and an SLA of 99.9% solution. But this is not all: the strength of the solution is above the Administration Console.

An overview of the Flexible Storage administrator interface

It also provides a simple interface for managing and ships all main functions: user management, group creation, management data volumes, etc. All features available within a few clicks. Regarding pricing, OBS offers two formulas but in any case a subscription per user. The first volume provides a fixed monthly data, ideal if the company knows that it will not consume more than x by example. The second proposes a system based on the “pay as you go” model, and thus billing to as you used.

A partnership with Accenture

Meanwhile, OBS announces that approximates the Accenture IT services through a partnership of the cloud infrastructure and applications. “The theme of this alinement is to provide big business cloud services end-to-end enabling them to simplify the management of their IT infrastructure and increase their market flexibility while controlling development costs” explains OBS.

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