Now drive your car with gesture control, Mercedez- benz on going project

Ze German people seem to be possessed about Minority Report (a movie) -expressive style interior controls, and Mercedes-Benz has guided it to the next stage with a full-scale interior with no button or without any switch.

Mercedes’ Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) employs a sequence of proximity sensors to identify arm and hand actions, which control everything from music, movement control, routing and social features to a heads-up screen that consists of the overall  car windshield.

You can get a experience for the system by seeing in the movie or in the given video link but as you know it’s very beginning, some mistaking hand motion for selection and usually being a discomfort to use. The good news is, Mercedes has a lot of time to make  it perfect and sort out all problems as it won’t go to manufacturing section for at least many years.Lets see the videoand feel it.

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