Nokia lumia 925 user experience

With the Lumia 925, Nokia revises its flagship, the lumia 920, by rewarding thinner and lighter decked hull aluminum. A new design, but also more effective picture part low light situations. The Lumia 925 is it the new benchmark in Windows Phone 8?

 The affiliation between the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925 is obvious. More than a successor, the last flagship Nokia advance especially as an update that corrects the shortcomings of his elder.

 Case reviewed, AMOLED display for bright colors, some picture slightly modified, with the Nokia Lumia 925 will propose what is best in the world Windows Phone 8.

 Rewarding finish

 One of the criticisms we could do on the Lumia 920 concerned its size. 185 grams and 10.7 mm thick for a machine with a 4.5-inch slab, it was a lot. As an indication, a HTC One 4.7-inch advance 143 grams on the scale.

 With the Lumia 925, Nokia offers a new and significantly more compact body and goes to 139 grams and 8.5 mm thick. A significant gain, Windows Phone longer appears as a colored brick and is more discreet in your pocket.Nokia lumia 925

 The finish is also changing. 925 is rewarded with a hull aluminum outline and rear plastic coating “gum” pleasant to the touch. More sober than the 920 and its polycarbonate shell declined on many colors, the 925 will be available in black, white or gray. A design and a premium finish, the perceived quality is the rendezvous and is close to the high-end competition.

 To achieve this thickness while maintaining a 2000 mAh battery (still non-removable), the wireless charging system is not present natively. It will then go through a protective shell sold just fewer than 30 euro’s to use it on the induction charging pads or wireless stations.

 Be satisfied with 16 GB

 On the edge, we appreciate the presence of the physical trigger for the camera, always handy for snapshots. However, as his grandfather, the 925 is denied a card slot microsSD, it will be satisfied with 16GB internal.

 The storage can be problematic for large consumers of movies or music as much as we may not really count on a 12 GB 32 GB version exists, but it is reserved for the operator Vodafone.

 Fluid and autonomous

 Inside, there is therefore an identical configuration to Lumia 920. Snapdragon S4 dual heart 1.5 GHz supported by 1GB of RAM, 4G, H + / Dual Carrier / DC HSDPA, NFC, GPS and an FM radio, the key is still there.Nokia lumia 925

 The landscape keyboard still does not use the full width of the screen in nokia lumia windows 8 .

 No surprise side fluidity, like the 920, the 925 is not affected by large downturns and running properly. No big differences either side autonomy. With a 2000 mAh battery, the limit of daily use stage is significantly exceeded. The Lumia 925 could even have gleaned a few extra minutes on his elder.

 Sound and image

 Good microphones Lumia 920 are still present and offer a snapshot of its significant for a concert, for example.

 Too bad Nokia did not go further in implementing the stereo speakers on the machine. Again, it will be satisfied with a mono sound and a speaker on the back of Windows Phone which nevertheless renders a correct sound.

 Main difference is in the spec sheet, the screen. 925 adopt a 4.5-inch AMOLED panel against the LCD to his elder.Nokia lumia 925

 A slab offers a deeper contrast and greater color saturation. This AMOLED is successful, well controlled by the software we did not identify any excessive color distortion. RAS on either brightness or viewing angles, this slab values well different content however, the definition does not move.

Where competition is racing to pixels with Full HD high definition on the segment, the 925 remains on the 1280 x 768 pixels .With a good density of 332 DPI (pixel per inch), the definition of the screen can be taken to default.

 THE low brightness cameraphone

 In the field of photography, Nokia has arguments to make. A first story begins with outstanding machines such as the N95 or N8 which paved the way for the camera phone or recent UFOs such as 808 Pureview and 41 megapixels. Then need a skill with a mastery of the material, lens sensors and software.

 If the Lumia 920 was already a very good cameraphone, the 925 is even better.

 Optical stabilization is still effective, autofocus seems to have been improved and the photo is taken as the development is faster.Nokia lumia 925

Return side, the 8.7 megapixel sensor supported by a dual LED flash renders seamless images. The image is sharp on the full shot not only at the center.

 In low light conditions and an extra lens (920 got 5 against of 6 ), the 925 is probably the best current smartphone with a good sensor. In exposure conditions better informed, the 925 also seems to do better than its predecessor.

 We pass on the proposed via the native app like Smart Smart Camera Shoot and Shoot Action modes, effective proposal software, but the same competition to dwell on the video.

Again, the optical stabilization proves effective for video captured at 1080p at 30 frames / second.

 However, we regret the limitations of Windows Phone 8. Not capture full HD at 60 frames / second for a smoother picture as the Galaxy S4 or HTC One , let alone slow motion at 120 frames / second. In front, the 1.3 megapixel sensor is not a miracle, it is however with a wide angle and load the video properly.

 The implementation by Nokia

 To compensate for the lack of content available on the Windows Phone Store, absences which bad players on mobile and networking addicts, Nokia offers as usual its software solutions.

 Nokia Here on aggregates of geolocation with Maps Here, a tool increasingly convincing pedestrian with many interests, drive offline or streaming music with Nokia Music (free on Mix Radio) . Solid solutions that will leverage GPS to recommend nearby concerts or the nearest restroom.

 The new reference WP 8

 Microsoft aims to become the third force in the mobile, an alternative to Android + iOS duopoly.

If the decline of BlackBerry allows it to take this up with a small market share, in practice the ecosystem appears still nascent and the platform is affected by the absence of certain popular applications.

 However, the Lumia 925 appears to be the best way to avoid the standardization Android / iOS. With its new flagship Nokia promotes its DNA, reassuring finish, self-correct and some remarkable photos.

 Besides its price may be considered too high (599 euros), only its limited to 16 GB physical storage could slow the adoption of this coherent and effective machine.

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