Nokia lumia 920 user experience and features

The Nokia Lumia 920 was introduced as the high-end line-up Windows Phone 8. The Flagship of the Finnish manufacturer, is it the height of expectations?

Windows Phone 8 is officially available since October 29, so the first smartphones begin to arrive on the market. New OS with new line-up of Windows Phone devices. It consists of five phones, Nokia Lumia 820 and 920, the 8X and 8S HTC and Samsung Ativ S. The first 4 will be available in the month of November, Korean happen in the first quarter 2013.

We received two Nokia phones and HTC one, which was entrusted to his recent blogger to test. This fact, I propose in the wake a summary comparison to help you choose the right phone Windows Phone 8. I begin this four-part series by the “Flagship” Nokia: Lumia 920.

Size that matters

It may be difficult to forget what Lumia 920 in a pocket 185 grams, 13.3 cm high and 10.7 wide and 1.7 thick 920 does not go unnoticed. The one-piece design also reinforces this impression a little brick. That said, the ergonomics is pretty good. With rounded edges and slightly concave back, it fits perfectly in hand. I’m not particularly a fan of polycarbonate used for the hull, but it has the merit of giving an impression of strength which should not harm the reputation of Nokia, known precisely for the resistance of its phones.

lumia 920 user experience

With a 4.5-inch IPS screen display of 1280 x 768 (16: 9) the phone has reached a density of about 332 pixels per inch is a whole smaller than the iPhone 5. The colors are bright and contrasted with treatment that Nokia calls “PureMotion HD +”. A marketing name that has its effect.

The screen quality but it will do to the criticism that Nokia is done every phone with a large display: it takes an abnormally large thumb to use with one hand effortlessly.

Reserve screen one last surprise, it works even when wearing gloves. But it will not be either too much hope. It will work very well with fairly thin leather gloves for example, it’s more complicated with models for the winter sport, but no doubt it will troubleshoot.

Speedy Snapdragon

The Lumia 920 ships with a recent Snapdragon S4 chip composed of two cores clocked at 1.5 GHz and supported by 1 GB of RAM. Not much to say about it except that it works perfectly. No latency, the games run smoothly and 1080p video not hang (note however, native files. Mkv are not supported). In short, the hardware does the job and does it well.

lumia 920 user experience

With a 2000 mAh battery heading “reference” the day of use is largely achieved on this side there either: no problem. For storage it will settle for 32 GB expandable, it is sufficient but 64 GB is never too much.

As good as gold, stabilized

The manufacturer is particularly proud to have integrated technology optical image stabilization (OIS). A bit too much as it gave rise to a small communication misfires. Nokia did not really provide specific details on how the stabilization works. The only thing certain is that it relies on additional hardware and not just software processing.

There are some exclusive features, but the key is to remember that the stabilization occurs directly at the end, so before the image is “printed” on the sensor Nokia promise kept: stabilization may compensate almost entirely a walking motion, as saying that car, skiing or other vehicles, it will not move. Everything is captured in 1080p at 30 frames per second; the brand has every reason to be proud.

And there was light

Let the picture, again much to say right now the promise is kept. With a 8.7 mpx and software processing PureView sensor 920 could capture images of impressive clarity in low light conditions. The examples below speak for themselves.

lumia 920 user experience

In daylight the photos are paradoxically a little less beautiful than the competition; the image is a little washed out is drawn from time to time toward the blue. However, it remains a good quality camera phone. Anyway, I am captivated by the overall quality of the sensor.

lumia 920 user experience

Most made in Finland

Nokia has chosen to include in its various applications specific system that is not found in other Windows Phone including GPS turn by turn performance already present on older models.

I also remember a new app “Nokia Explore” offering augmented reality display various points of interest such as restaurant, parks, and subway station etc. a solution that is more convenient for use on paper: this is rare. It is also possible to charge the phone by induction, ie by simply placing the phone on a surface area provided for this purpose, but I did not test.

There are others a little more anecdotal as an application to apply filters on the photos.

Reference on Windows Phone 8

Ultimately the Lumia 920 includes everything you would expect from a high end phone at the moment and tickles tenors that are the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 , it is necessary so as . the reference Windows Phone 8 Apple and Samsung no longer reign supreme on the high-end segment since Nokia offers the phone in the same price range: 649 euros. A price, but also a weight and unfortunately as I said at the outset.

It will now need to join the system, which despite its new still suffers from three shortcomings: the touchpad source of error(see review of Lumia 620), unable to leave the application in the background and an ecosystem less provided. It is in any case a very credible alternative.


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