Nokia Lumia 620 user experience and features

We decided to give the test Nokia Lumia 620 to a real user. Windows Phone 8 interface, performance, quality photos, here is the complete test. At a time when smartphones become larger and more powerful, this year 2013 will not escape, since we expect the powerful 5-inch models.

Then a wise guy, against the current trend reaches the market, the Nokia Lumia 620 review, will he get a place among the giants

A small mobile, is it great

It has everything great, except the screen but it does not stop to provide. I’ve had it for one week the chance to familiarize myself with the environment of Windows Phone that I did not know and explore Lumia 620 features.

In comparison with my Nexus 4 , I appreciate the grip. A more generous thickness, this small smartphone shapes, curves, it suits him very well and the fear of falling fades.

Applications Nokia

They say for a while, without application portfolio, our motives are quite limited. Nokia has understood this and has developed a lot of applications available for Lumia. Found, Nokia Maps, Transport, Drive +, Explorer and many others.

noika kumia 620 apps

This is pretty nice, it uses augmented reality to show us what is close to our position, I believe that technology has a lot of future. Regarding Drive +, the navigation application, there is a time delay between the announcement of the change of direction and our actual position. It is therefore to optimize the application but works well.

Fluidity, responsiveness, everything is there!

I like to surf while listening to music in the background, the Lumia 620 does not move and remains fluid navigation. This is also valid everywhere, meets and transitions between applications run smoothly.

On Youtube videos played in Wifi, I was surprised to see that they went perfectly while my Nexus 4 is completely dropped. Free is my internet provider, I think it is still the same problem, war Free / Google ! Competing services on all works well.

A clear and beautiful slab for video but not for texts

A point that I literally jumped out at me is the clarity of the screen. Not perfect as it draws to a slightly yellow pastel but compared to the slab True IPS Nexus 4, the day and night. So see for yourself the difference in picture. Nexus 4 draws clear to blue is dark. It is a good point for the Lumia 620.

By cons, Nokia’s pixel density may be issue . He announced PPi 246 against 320 for the LG, this makes all the difference, so the Lumia is not ideal for reading digital books and it will zoom mostly on sites to read in good conditions.

Photos and videos

In the radius of the optical images embedded in phones, if there is one who masters his art, it is long and Nokia. I am obliged to note that the increase in pixels does not mean anything. The proof is with this shot.

The Lumia do as well as the Nexus. The entry-level model of Nokia inherits the abilities of its big brothers, another good point. For the video part, I am also surprised, Nokia film in good condition and the autofocus is still active but the sound will be mono jack.

Windows Phone 8

For those who have never been able to experience me as this system was released in October 2011, I can admit that I was somewhat perplexed. I had a fear of being fairly limited in my ability. This week made me realize that I could do all the things I do on my Nexus 4 and sometimes even better.

I could listen to music, take photos, surf the Internet and monitor the activity of social networks. Microsoft has a reliable cloud to store data and coupled to mobile office, reading and creating text documents or Excel document we remember that Google is no longer alone in the world.


With web services, all beautiful, brand new, as a range of applications increases, a mobile system in its new version, it is a sign that Microsoft has caught up and matures.

But even more, I love this system, it’s fun, it’s aesthetic, you want to play with constantly. Compared to Android, it’s much more fun to use a Windows Phone, it is more fabulous.

Be careful though some third party applications that are not very well done, they do not use the graphical Windows Phone bases, this has the effect of breaking the user experience.


Aboard a Nokia 1300 amh battery, this is the norm for this size although some manufacturers grow until 1500 amh. Nevertheless, the Lumia is not doing bad, especially for the most reasonable of us.

I’m not addicted to my mobile, I correspond more SMS that I pass and I am calling on a 2G connection by disabling the data. This allows me to take five days by taking a few pictures here and there.

By cons, once one seeks the phone, in most cases, self melts quickly. I also noticed that when the phone is off, it goes into standby, it consumes very little energy! I compared the Lumia and the Nexus 4, 100% load, phase discharge from 23h to 9am, the Nexus has lost 3%, while the Lumia 620 was still at 100%. This is, in my opinion, we realize a real optimization.

Stories details

To be objective, it is not enough to speak qualities but also flaws and imperfections. Here are the details that I noticed a few days of use.In panorama mode, the keyboard does not the full width of the screen, which is a shame because it would increase the size of the keys and spacing.

To speed up the battery, I tend to turn off the phone, but when i turn off Lumia , when plugging in the charger, it turns on. Maybe a bug? I’ve tried the NFC, it works but it is still a bit flaky, since according to the position of the NFC chip in the smartphone, it must come to place chips on both phones in the face. With different sized mobile must grope.

Dynamic tiles on the home page are subject to limits query 30 minutes. This has the effect of providing information shifted. For example, a displayed range of 80% may actually be 70%. To be accurate, you must enter in the application.

The spellchecker and prediction system is pretty average, sometimes it does not activate when writing SMS.


After the discovery of the last system on the Microsoft in Nokia Lumia 620 Mobile , I am delighted with the experience. This is a smartphone that I can safely use as it is powerful, responsive and offers the most critical applications. Not to mention a very competitive price of 199 euros unlocked any operator! So I recommend to anyone who wants a nice and cheap smartphone can do almost anything. The replaceable shells are a real plus; it will give a youthful look once worn.

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