New Xbox one finally released

In less than 24 hours the Microsoft console Xbox one will finally be on sale a week after its rival, the Sony PS4. The official launch will be carried out from Times Square, New York, where there will be a concert. Already, gamers are lining up to be the first.

 It is almost like an Apple product launch! This is thought by seeing pictures of gamers willing to brave the cold New York to be the first to buy the new Xbox One of Microsoft. Because tomorrow in Times Square the Redmond giant will launch its new toy. A concert will be given to the opportunity and the first 1000 customers will even be able to attend, placed as privileged.

For Microsoft, the pressure is already huge, even if everyone is expecting a good response from the consumers. Sony, with its arch rival PS4 has passed one million consoles in 24 hours . Xbox One she will do better? It will be difficult to compare because Microsoft launched its console in the United States and Europe at the same time, unlike the Japanese will launch its model in Europe until the 29th one

 In short: the Xbox One is in the pipeline and waiting for you tomorrow. Recently, we wondered: should we rush to the consoles as they are released? You were also likely to discuss on this topic. You can also find the list of games available at the output. Microsoft’s console will be available from 499 euros with a game in various outlets online (Microsoft Store, Amazon, etc.) And physical (Fnac, Baker, etc.).

AMD and Hyper-V

Finally, remember that even the Xbox One works with an APU (CPU + GPU) AMD signed (like PS4 and Wii U for that matter) and a home-based architecture called Jaguar, which replaces Bobcat which are based APU Ontario, Zacate and Hondo. While the exact details have not been disclosed, the CPU should be clocked at 1.5 GHz and 2, against about 1 GHz for the graphics chip. The console works with two operating on a customized version of the Hyper-V systems. The console has “an OS for gaming, and a Windows kernel for applications.”

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