New LG G Watch: what’s new

LG gives some information about its future G Watch. It will be available in two colors and resist water and dust. The watch will be released in June at a price of 199 euros.

LG continues to fuel rumors about its future connected watch, disseminating dropper information before the release of its new connected object. On its official website, the Korean manufacturer has just unveiled some info and new photos of his future G Watch. We learn that it will be available in June and costs 199 euros a lower rate to 220 euros mentioned above. This first watch’s should be connected with the Android , Google’s OS for connected objects.

For now, we still know little about the LG G Watch, if it is not it will be dustproof and water as the most classical watches. G Watch will be available in two colors: black and champagne (gold).LG G watch

Besides the design, LG has unveiled some features of its smartwatch. Interesting point: unlike a smartphone or other smartwatches, G Watch remains permanently lit.  So there is no need to take it out of standby mode. However, LG does not indicate whether this option will generate a consistent decline of battery.

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