MYO bracelet can interpret your movement

MYO bracelet takes control of your movement

If you were not sure that the future knocking at our door, here is an example of the technologies that we will get to meet in the near future. The bracelet wants a revolution in the way we interact in our digital world. Indeed, a wave of his hand, the cuff allow you to control wireless computer, various digital objects such as a phone or even  for example, simply by the electrical activity in your muscles when you use. MYO bracelet interpret your movement

Have you ever thought to control movement? Accessory Myo ventured into this world. Simply put, the  Myo  is wearing a bracelet around your arm, whose aim is to interpret the movements made by your arm or hand and transcribe your device under control.  Myo detects movement in two ways, he is able to measure the electrical activity in muscles instantly your hand, forearm and detects movements and all rotations caused by the wrist, is leaving a number of impressive capabilities.

When tracking the position of the arm and the hand, wrist MYO can detect subtle movements and rotations in all directions. Returns haptic inform the user that the bracelet Myo to take into account the orders issued.

Side technology, information may be available, except that it will communicate with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, allowing him to have an autonomy that should be correct. It works with devices in our daily life as a Mac or PC, or other so-called connected objects. Myo provides developers with their API to support and develop opportunities bracelet Myo. A developer site that will have more information on the API and integration should come soon.

For the moment the teams Thalmic Labs focuses on Windows and OS X, but API will be available later for Android and iOS. The bracelet Myo  is still in draft form and should come to during the end of 2013  or in early 2014.

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