Mozilla unveils new Firefox 14

After the publication of the edition of Firefox 12 and distribution of the beta version to version 13, Mozilla has recently updated the distribution channel Aurora 14 with Firefox. At the end of last week, the developers were informed of the latest version for 14 Firefox, which should come in twelve weeks if Mozilla meets its release cycle.

This next version will support full screen mode introduced in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Note also the implementation of application programming interfaces APIs Lock Pointer (Mouse Lock API) to analyze the movement of the mouse pointer to animate elements of a web page. Mozilla believes that this is then a large set of APIs for online play. Research on the engine since Google made the homepage, the address bar, shortcut menu or the relevant field will be encrypted via HTTPS.

Hacks on the Mozilla site, the developer Jean-Yves Perrier adds that development tools will be refined with more detail according to their status (: hover,: active,: focus). This will for instance take note of variations in the style sheet for an active link or flew over the mouse pointer. We also find new shortcuts in the JavaScript editor.

Further optimization of SVG animations and bug fixes in WebGL, Firefox 14 will also improve the use of fonts, flipping a single character when it is identical in different families. This would save between 0.5 MB and 1.8 MB of RAM depending on number of fonts installed on the machine. Finally, for security reasons, users can block the immediate initialization of plugins inserted in web pages with the option ‘Point-to-click “.

Incidentally, the reader PDF.js, the new download manager and the GStreamer multimedia framework introduced in the latest Nightly require more work before being incorporated into this alpha.

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