Miracast, Wi-Fi service against Airplay

The Alliance for the Wi-Fi just announced Miracast, a service of high-speed Wi-Fi devices that will allow Samsung to exchange data quickly.

The Alliance for the Wi-Fi has just announced the creation of the certification program for Miracast a new Wi-Fi technology that allows streaming videos from mobile terminals (smartphones, tablets, laptops ) for viewing on TV screens.

Samsung has announced its intention to use the service, which Positioned as a standard alternative to Apple’s AirPlay. Galaxy S3 smartphone is already compatible, and the TV Echo-P. The smartphone LG Optimus G will also be compatible.

Miracast is based on Wi-Fi Direct, a service developed by Intel and allowed to do the same thing. This expansion service via Miracast that takes the overall implementation in simplifying Wi-Fi Direct and use, and open to brands like Samsung, is a good thing for Intel.

Several tests were performed to ensure the operation of the service and other brands such as Sony or NVidia have declared their interest. Indeed, if Samsung is the first brand to have associated with the project, the Wi-Fi Alliance expects other offers arrive. The marketing manager has even announced that many products including technology would be sold in 2013.

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