Microsoft is working on a new machine interface 3D motion

Microsoft enjoys an annual gathering around the man / machine interfaces consortium to present its work on new device based on the motion capture of one hand in 3D space to interact with a machine. After mastering the gyroscopes and accelerometers (including Nintendo with its Wii console), motion detection (with or without accessories) helped make great strides in the field of interaction with machines. Again, game consoles were the primary beneficiaries.  The Kinect Microsoft for its Xbox 360 system and Playstation Move Sony PS3 for her are the perfect examples.

Technical successes that prepare real alternatives to the ever-present keyboard / mouse and touch screen. But more than alternatives, these new systems are presented as supplements and open the door to new ergonomics.As part of the 25th Association for Computing Machinery Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), an annual meeting focused on any form interface, Microsoft unveiled a 3D motion sensor strap. Fields covered in the UIST are vast. They range from traditional interfaces, Web interfaces, through the virtual and augmented reality. The stated objective: to improve the interaction and man / machine interface.

Device called it “bracelet” detects and analyzes all the movements made by the hand and fingers and interprets actions. Here no glove or sensors that would impede movements. All electronics focuses on the wrist, all with one wireless transmission technology. The user remains completely free in his movements and movements.

The team says that the Kinect is clearly the origin of the project. Instead of full body movement, arms and hands, it is asked of those with one hand, and for much more complex. The composition of Digits (at least its prototype) proves quite sober. It consists of a quick camera (IR Camera), a laser (laser line  projector IR), an amplification system (IR diffuse LED) and an inertial measurement unit (IMU which one architecture around an accelerometer and a gyroscope).  This set is able to detect all the movements of the hands.

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