Microsoft invest $1.1 billion in datacenter

Microsoft has formalized the construction of a new data center in Des Moines, Iowa, known as “Project Alluvium.” It will cover more than 105000 m².

Together with the authorities of the State of Iowa, Microsoft has formalized the construction of a new datacenter. This will be the second that Microsoft settled in this region of east-central United States, as he had already spent $ 900 million for a first data center.

For this new project, codenamed “Alluvium,” Microsoft plans to spend no less than $ 1.1 billion. The publisher will, however, supported financially by the state of Iowa, who puts his hand in his pocket to support the initiative. A huge amount that should go hand in hand with the enormity of this future data warehouse: it will extend about 107,000 sq ft, ten acres!

Of course, this new data center will provide new resources for all Microsoft cloud projects, Azure tools online (Office 365, OneDrive etc). The center will create 84 jobs in the region.

Note that in a document detailing the results of Microsoft sent the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the publisher revealed some of its plans for datacenters.

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