Mercedes offers navigation system with Google Glass

Mercedes is working on an integration of the navigation system on the Google Glass. An attractive alternative for head-up display on the windshield-mounted solution.

Google Glass, the famous Google Goggles, is being tested and may be sold within a year. Different applications are emerging from the publishers to give a utility that curious accessory functioning as a remote interface Smartphone. These glasses make it possible to read some information posted on the glass and interact with the device connected via voice or a button on one of the branches. In principle, these glasses are so similar to an advanced hands-free kit. And of course when we talk about the hands-free kit, the car is not far.

In July last Tesla has unveiled an application for these glasses. This allows you to view the state of charge of the battery or the location of the vehicle, lock the doors and set the interior temperature.Mercedez offers google glass

New era of Navigation

The application has introduced Mercedes is limited to navigation. Google Glass is thus able to guide the driver after the address has been entered into the navigation system of the car. When the driver leaves the vehicle, it is also used to guide him to find his location. Mercedes says that the application will be available when the glasses will be sold, which is not yet officially guaranteed by Google.

Their use is also ongoing debate about the distraction that could cause during driving.

With this application, the brand with the star intends to offer its customers the same digital experience they can have a smartphone or other device high- tech. The manufacturer is working on additional features, particularly in the field of multimedia.

But the use of Google Glass drive is debate about the distraction they may cause while driving.

Johann Jungwirth, head of research and development at Mercedes in North America, said in web site there is no question that drivers will use these glasses while driving.

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