Max payne 3 release soon

The hero has aged. More than ten years after the previous version, the Depressive cop of New York, Max Payne is back in a third episode on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The development of the game this time was given to Rockstar, famous for its games “sandbox”, such as GTA or playful western Red Dead Redemption.

But with this Max Payne 3, Rockstar wants to prove he can explore a range of new action game, more scripted. The New Adventures of Max Payne, converted into a bodyguard in Sao Paulo, resume also rather cleverly this has been the success of the series: its rigorous game mechanics.

Copies of sequences of gunfights John Woo are now legion console. Rockstar’s Opus gives pride to the offensive against the enemy hordes. But while a title like Gears of War allows the player to regain his breath when he is hiding from the enemy, Max Payne leaves him no chance. When touched, the hero does not regenerate his health. The gameplay is also an incentive to use and abuse of “bullet time” combo time to target multiple enemies.

The multitude of situations held in fourteen chapters allows introducing variety into the action. Course of a large stadium soccer under sniper weapons, or pursuit helicopter raids on favelas. As in City of God, held in Rio, designers Rockstar were keen to anchor their title in the daily violence.

STAGING SURJOUÉE, flashbacks wheezy

Despite this gameplay faithful to the spirit of the original series, Max Payne 3 is lost in a staging surjouée. The title, too often alternating phases of action and many cut-scenes abuse of graphic effects. Image filters, separate screens for a comic effect, keywords that appear in highlight throughout the dialogues, etc. Max Payne takes over too, with little happiness, a revenue aesthetic Miami Vice by Michael Mann .

The title also fails to make the character believable introspection. A painful monologue punctuates each share of Max Payne. The flashbacks are also sluggish, pale recollection of the past of the hero and his family disappeared. The secondary characters, businessmen protected by Max, police  or gang members, have limited success in creating an atmosphere. And while the scenario plays an important part of the game, the inconsistencies multiply. A simple bar fights turns into a killing no one really understands why. Finally, the scenario extremely agreed closer Max Payne 3 a very average Kane and Lynch as its illustrious predecessors, or titles from Rockstar.

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