Matrix LED, Audi presents its new generation of light

Audi will launch a new LED lighting system in  few months . Based on a series of diodes, it offers more flexibility and opens the way for new features.
In 2009, Audi was the first manufacturer to set up a 100% LED lighting on a production model (R8). The brand is clearly to maintain its lead in lighting and today announces the arrival of a new generation of LED headlights, more attractive and compact.  As its name suggests, the “Matrix LED” uses an array of diodes. The big diode beam is replaced by a series of five small projectors, themselves composed of five LEDs each. The 25 LEDs are controlled by a central unit that will adjust their brightness but also their direction as needed. Adjusting the lighting is much thinner.

audi matrix led

It flashes pedestrians at night. As the current automatic switching systems, it is possible to adjust the scope and shape of the light beam as a function of driving conditions, but without rotating diodes. Just like that BMW already offers, it is also possible to direct the beam to individuals detected at night by the infrared camera. A series of three flashes light is sent towards the pedestrian in order to warn the driver. The lighting also follows the path of the road, so slightly early due to information mapping browser. This “Matrix LED” will be launched on the new Audi A8, which is expected by year-end.


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