Lamborghini Aventador by Prindiville

The task will be complicated, it is a certainty. The tuner who wants to address the Lamborghini Aventador will struggle to magnify this very special craft lines already extremely aggressive. The London Designs of Prindiville have experimented, I let you appreciate.

Lamborghini Aventador home is already the ultimate expression aggressiveness car. This would not prevent preparers to make it more exclusive to satiate the naysayers often of dubious taste.The English Prindiville tackled (virtually at the moment) to the Lambo V12 in it several grafting exterior accessories as well as carbon reprogramming the engine management, as if 700 hp was not enough.

Finally, the body panels in carbon (65% lighter than those they replace according Prindiville) offer a two-tone color at the Aventador. The titanium exhausts a little lighter overall (80% lighter again according to Prindiville who do not go with the back of the spoon on percentages!).Moreover, brakes and suspensions are retouched so that the passenger can be fully refurbished at the whim of the customer.

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