Kaspersky Lab serves as a bulwark against new threats

The Russian publisher of security solutions on the market is the new version of its two flagship solutions, Internet Security and Anti-Virus. They focus on the protection against new threats, especially the theft of personal data and purchase transactions or banking.

With no less than 125,000 new threats daily, security has become one of the first concerns of individuals and businesses. Uses, sometimes irresponsible, when shopping online or when banking or social networks amplify risks. Versions 2013 Kasperky Lab Internet Security and Antivirus add functions facing these new dangers. A new version of the engine increases the detection rate of all of these new threats. Prevention technology automatically faults fight against major vulnerabilities exploited by sophisticated attacks. The module is based on the experience of the editor in the application behavior and is able to detect illicit activities without blocking the normal operation of a vulnerable application. The antispam module has been enhanced. The interface has been streamlined for ease of installation, activation and use of software. Work has been done to improve performance, especially regarding battery life on laptops.

A bank vault!

According to a Harris Interactive survey, 27% of users use a dangerous manner their credit cards when purchasing online. The version of Internet Security 2013 focuses on protection tools in such purchases or payments or banking transactions. The software switches automatically when this type of transaction and puts the computer in Safe Browsing mode when accessing the sites of banks. Financial operations are well isolated from other online activities so as not to be spied upon or attempted attacks “Man in the Browser”. The activation is automatic when accessing websites to the most common web payment with PayPal. The list of sites can be customized by the user. A priori control of the website payment is made to verify that the site has not been corrupted or fake (phishing and drive-by download). A virtual keyboard bypasses the possibility of keyloggers (keystroke loggers) and entering passwords or credit card numbers is conducted in a secure area. If the functions against data theft rampant in banking security software for specific positions, the functions offered by Kaspersky are very complete.

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