iPhone App: Control BMW remotely from an iPhone

Here is a surprising my BMW remoteĀ  iPhone app :

My BMW Remote iphone app

This application is available for free on the AppStore . It allows you to control certain functions such as the locking and unlocking your BMW vehicle, control and maintaining of the heating system, get vehicle location.Control BMW remotely from an iPhone

Here are the features in detail:

  • Lock / Unlock Remote Vehicle
  • Climate Control: Remote control of auxiliary heating and auxiliary ventilation
  • Blow Horn: remote control horn to locate vehicle
  • Light Flash: remote control of lighting functions outside the vehicle to locate
  • Google Local Search: Search for an address on the iPhone carry-over to the vehicle control system
  • Vehicle Finder: display on the iPhone’s current position of vehicle on a map in order to locate a car, parking within up to 1.5 km.

In November 2010, this application goes with models Series 5, Series 7 and X3. Now it is available in all new models. Models manufactured in September 2008 have only the function lock / unlock the vehicle and positioning vehicle location.

My BMW Remote application is available for free on the AppStore .Now Control BMW remotely and have fun.

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