iPhone 5: what surprises?

Each passing day sees a new series of photos and videos presenting the iPhone 5 and all leaks are convergent. In less than a week of the official presentation, we already know many or too. The famous cult of secrecy would it largely started?

The site iMore engaged in a comprehensive account of all the leaks and rumors for the month of February 2012, whether information that has been obtained or recovered by those colleagues. His conclusion is clear: the main features of the iPhone 5, which may be called the New iPhone are known. 4-inch screen with a ratio of 16: 9, mini connector, headphone jack at the bottom. Software side, the presentation of iOS 6 in June gave the main tracks: new mapping applications, expanded capabilities for software Siri and probably mobile payment capabilities via integration with an NFC chip.

Anyway, all this is very thin, especially given the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Nokia Lumia 920 unveiled one week before. If Nokia has apparently not convinced it stock markets following its presentation, observers Рincluding us Рwere impressed by the features of the machine. There are also new models Motorola Razr and it is clear that all these models have technical and functional characteristics far superior to what appears to be the iPhone 5 or New  iPhone.

Innovation changes sides

Already last year, almost all the features of the iPhone 4S had been revealed before its presentation and it is the application that Siri had made the difference in the presentation and encouraged consumers to buy the new model. Will apple be able to repeat this performance? It will be better because if more addicted to Apple probably find a thousand reasons to rejoice, others might consider that the real innovations are in Cupertino but elsewhere.

Already last year, there had been choosy with the iPhone 4S, a little pale compared to the expectations generated by every new Apple product. It was the same with the iPad 3 and Retina display. “Not bad but nothing to get up at night” was the general tenor of comments. In the case of the iPad, the case is not too bad because advance Apple in tablets and a half so important novelty was enough. This is no longer the case with the arrival of Windows 8 tablets and new Android models. For the next iPad, Apple will have to move. But for the iPhone, there is no question of waiting. iPhone 5 should be up to the task seriously than some predictions come true, namely 10 million copies in a week. Yesterday, we learned that sales of Galaxy SIII now exceeded sales of iPhones, including the United States.

Global disinformation

For iMore, there is one last possibility that he does not think too much else (not us): the conspiracy theory. Brace yourself: let Apple fruiter prototypes that have nothing to do with reality to distract and offer a much greater surprise September 12. Of course, with $ 100 billion in the bank, Apple can afford to carry a huge disinformation campaign is unclear but they engage in this game a few days a launch could be a turning point. If by chance this was the case, it would indeed be entitled to cry genius, Steve Jobs post at that.

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